The Lab Experiment #04: Using the CX3 Noise Reduction Function

#1: Looking at the Effects of Noise Reduction

The CX3's "noise reduction" function: how much noise can it get rid of, and what kinds of scenes is it best suited for? We took a closer look with some experiments.

The relationship between ISO and noise

The CX3 has ISO options of 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and Auto. As you can see in the pictures below, increasing the ISO value increases shutter speed, but also increases noise, which contributes to color-dulling.
Noise reduction helps out by cutting back on noise in high-ISO images and making photos look smoother (picture 2). Basically, the noise reduction really comes in handy when you're shooting with high-sensitivity settings.

Picture 1,2

Differences in noise reduction effect

The CX3 lets you choose from 4 types of noise reduction effects: "Weak," " Strong," "MAX," and "Auto."
We set the sensitivity to 3200, a level susceptible to noise, and looked at how the different settings affected the final image.

Picture 3
Camera: CX3 ●1/36sec ●F5.4 ●EV-0.3

As these photos illustrate, higher effect settings mean less noise and a smoother image. Increasing the effect also made the saving process longer.

See below for more setup information.

Shooting menu instructions (noise reduction)

Press the MENU button in shooting mode to bring up the shooting menu, where you can adjust shooting settings.

Press the MENU button in shooting mode
- The shooting menu mode appears.
- In Scene mode or Continuous Shooting mode, move the ADJ./OK button to the left and select the "MODE" tab. Then move the button down once to display the shooting menu.

Move the ADJ./OK button up and down to choose the setting (noise reduction).
- Press the DISP. button at this screen to move the cursor to the settings menu.
- Press the ADJ./OK button down at the last item to bring up the next settings screen.

Move the ADJ./OK button to the right
- Setting choices will appear.

Move the ADJ./OK button up or down to make a selection.

Press the ADJ./OK button.
- This confirms the settings and lets you start shooting.
- Move the ADJ./OK button to the left to confirm your settings and return to the screen in step 2.

- Noise reduction options include Off, Auto, Weak, Strong, and MAX.
- The time required to save images varies according to this setting.

#1: Looking at the Effects of Noise Reduction #2: Taking Photos Indoors #3: Taking Photos Outdoors

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