Experiment #02: Using High Contrast B&W mode

We took some pictures using High Contrast B&W mode.

How is this mode different from Color mode and Normal B&W mode? We performed some experiments to find out.

Camera: CX2 ●ISO: 80 ●F3.5 ●1/810 (high contrast: 1/760) sec ●EV0.0

Camera: CX2 ●ISO: 80 ●F4.3 ●1/1070 (high contrast: 1/930) sec ●EV0.0

Camera: CX2 ●ISO: 200 ●F3.5 ●1/4 (high contrast: 1/5) sec ●EV0.0

Normal B&W simply changes a basic color photograph to black and white.
Although this does create a different impression, High Contrast B&W intensifies the contrast and creates a grainy image, thereby achieving an even fresher effect. The enhanced gradation of the sky, in particular, gives the photo more impact.

*Color and Normal B&W use color bracketing.

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