Experiment #01: Using the "Miniaturize" feature

The Report to the Director

In this experiment, we learned that setting up Miniaturize mode lets us make actual scenery look like a diorama.

In this mode, you can also make subtle adjustments, like repositioning and resizing the focused area to match the size and position of the main subject, which helps make the image appear even more miniaturized.

Our pictures looked miniaturized from both high and slightly-elevated positions, but shooting from very high locations often made the subject appear too small and hard to distinguish. In such cases, use a 300 mm zoom to find a size that will make your image look most miniaturized. By the way, here are two pictures of the same scene, one taken from a high vantage point and the other from a vantage point level with the subject. As you can see, shooting from a higher point makes the subject look more like part of a diorama.

Make the most of "Miniaturize" mode and feel like a giant dinosaur!

Until next time!

From a high vantage point
From a high vantage point
From a low vantage point (level with the subject)
From a low vantage point

Text/Images: Nao Nishitsuji

#1 Compare Miniaturize mode and Normal mode #2 Compare different blur ranges The Report to the Director