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Winners of the 9th contest
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The Tenth Ricoh Photo Contest is being held to promote the enjoyment of picture taking and viewing among Ricoh digital camera users. Many excellent prizes will be presented, including a GXR for the Grand Prize winner. In addition, a special 2011 calendar will be created using 13 photographs selected from among the contest winners. We are looking forward to the submission of many images of diverse subjects photographed with a free sensibility from new perspectives.
Ryo Ohwada Kazuyuki Okajima

Eligibility Professional and amateur works accepted. However, photos must be taken with a Ricoh digital camera.
Theme “My view”

The contest theme of “My view” embodies the message that “By just changing your angle of view, you make the world an infinitely interesting place.
Application period June 14, 2010 (Mon.) to August 31, 2010 (Tue.)
Prizes Grand Prize GXR + camera unit
(Camera unit: RICOH LENS S10 24-72mm)
1 person
Special Award GR DIGITAL III + options
(Options: External viewfinder, neck strap)
2 people
Photo Style Award CX3 5 person
GR BLOG Award GR DIGITAL soft case + GR bag
(Soft case: Soft case GC-4)
1 person
Special Tenth Ricoh Photo Contest Commemorative Award GR DIGITAL III 1 person
Performance Award Special album 40 people
*Prizes are subject to change.
*People whose photos are used in the calendar will receive a copy of the calendar in addition to the above.
Ricoh Photo Calendar We will produce the "2011 Ricoh Photo Calendar" using winning entries. Thirteen works (cover included) will be selected for the calendar. When the calendar is completed, it will be sent to the creators of the works used (planned timing: December 2010).
RING CUBE signboard We also plan to use one or two of the winning photos on a signboard at Ricoh's RING CUBE photo gallery.
Results announcement

Prize winners and the photos selected for the calendar will be announced in early November 2010 on the Ricoh website.
There are also plans for the 50 winners to be printed in "poster size" (457 x 560 mm) and exhibited at RING CUBE photo gallery in the Ginza district of Tokyo.
Additional information on the photo exhibit and calendar distribution will be provided at a later date on the Ricoh website.

Inquiries Ricoh Photo Contest Secretariat

The contest closed to new entries as of August 31, 2010.
We thank you for the many entries submitted.

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