11th  RICOH PHOTO CONTEST Theme “Radiance” Judges : Kisei Kobayashi / Yukio Uchida Application period : Tuesday, June 14, 2011 to Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Announcing the Jury Results !

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Grand Prize

Title :
"Bubble with my son"
Photographer :
Lian  Wei Li
Model Used :
Comment :
Playing with soap bubbles from a bubble gun with my son, evening.
Used for Ricoh Photo Calendar (May)

Jurors’ Comment

Frequently with photos of this sort, the more you look at them the more your first impression of them fades. However, with this one I felt something different each time I looked at it. I think that is because it includes many unstable and indefinite elements. Is it the youth who is seeing the dream, or the photographer who is looking on?(Yukio Uchida)

The photo is well suited to the radiance theme. The youth falls away from the viewer in the backlight. I felt an indescribable melancholy to that. The photographer, and we, too, are doubly eyeing the scene at which the youth simultaneously is looking. In that sense, too, it is a three-dimensional work.(Kisei Kobayashi)

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