11th  RICOH PHOTO CONTEST Theme "Radiance" Judges : Kisei Kobayashi / Yukio Uchida Application period : Tuesday, June 14, 2011 to Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Announcing the Jury Results !

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Q1.Is there a limit on the number of photographs each person can submit?
A1.Each person is allowed to submit up to two photographs. We will only accept up to the first two entries from any applicant with the same name and will consider all other submissions from that person to be invalid.
Q2.Can I submit photos taken with a non-Ricoh camera?
A2.Only photos taken with a Ricoh digital camera will be accepted for submission. Submissions of photos taken with a non-Ricoh digital camera will be disqualified.
Q3.Can I submit photos that have undergone image processing?
A3.You can submit processed images, but we ask that you leave the EXIF data in the image you submit.
Q4.Are there any rules regarding image data file forms or image quality?
A4.We will only accept photos in the JPEG file format. As your photo may be selected for use at the RING CUBE Ricoh photo gallery in Ginza, Tokyo or in the calendar, we recommend that you shoot the images at the greatest number of pixels for your model of camera. The setting procedures for image quality and size may vary depending on your camera. Please check the instruction manual for your camera model for details. PDF file versions of instruction manuals can be downloaded from the following site:
Q5.Can I submit photos that are dated from several years ago?
A5.There are no particular limits on the age of photos accepted for submission, so yes, you can.
Q6.I don't know if my submission went through correctly. Is there any way to check?
A6.An email with the submission code will be sent to your registered email address automatically once the submission goes through.
If you do not receive an email from Ricoh after making your submission, then it is very likely that your submission did not go through correctly. Please try again.
Q7.I want to submit a photo that has a person or people in it. Do I need to get permission to do so from the subjects in advance?
A7.Yes, you would need to get permission from the person or people in the photo in advance.
We will treat submissions that contain copyrighted works or likenesses as though the person submitting the photo owns the copyrights to the copyrighted works or likenesses, or else has obtained permission to use the copyrighted works or likenesses from the rights holder. It is the responsibility of the person submitting the photo to obtain permission to use images or likenesses of people in photos containing images of people from the people in advance to avoid infringement issues. In addition, any submission that contains images of objects such as signboards, neon signs, etc. with brands, logos, or other factors deemed offensive to public order or morality shall be disqualified.


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