11th  RICOH PHOTO CONTEST Theme "Radiance" Judges : Kisei Kobayashi / Yukio Uchida Application period : Tuesday, June 14, 2011 to Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Announcing the Jury Results !

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Photo Contest Vision

Developed from the Candid Photo cultural concept of "walking around with your camera in a light-hearted way, shooting photographs in a light-hearted way, and valuing and enjoying the photographs" proposed by Ricoh and now celebrating its 11th year, the RICOH PHOTO CONTEST first started in June 2004 as a way to encourage communication with people from a wide variety of backgrounds who enjoy taking pictures and would participate to become even more familiar with photographs. We are soliciting submissions created around the theme of "Radiance" based on an unrestricted sensibility. Please send us photographs that cover a wide variety of subjects based on new perspectives. We are looking forward to receiving a lot of different submissions not only from photographers within Japan but also from all around the world and hope that people will be given an opportunity through this RICOH PHOTO CONTEST to learn new ways to enjoy taking photographs as well as discover new things.

Overview of the 11th RICOH PHOTO CONTEST

Theme Radiance
Prizes and Awards
Grand Prize GXR Camera + Camera Unit
(Camera Unit: RICOH LENS S10 24-72 mm)
1 person
Special Prize GR DIGITAL III Camera + Optional Accessories
(Optional accessories: external viewfinder, neck strap)
2 people
Judge's Special Award CX5 Camera 2 people
Performance Award Original RING CUBE goods 45 people

*Prize gift items are subject to change without notice.
*People whose entries where selected for use in the Calendar will receive a calendar in addition to the prize listed above.

Judges (In alphabetical order)
Kisei Kobayashi
Kisei Kobayashi

Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1968, he graduated from the Department of Photography of Tokyo Polytechnic University, Junior College Division. He worked as a cameraman at a newspaper before becoming a freelance photographer in 1991. He made his debut in 1997 with ASIAN JAPANESE. Also received the Newcomer's Award of the Photographic Society of Japan awards in the same year. He lived in the U.S. (NY) from 2000 to 2002. He has published the photography books, homeland, days new york, SUWA, Hanahaneni, and so on and the books Chichi no Kanshoku (The Feel of My Father), Kinou Mita Bus ni Notte (Riding the Bus I Saw Yesterday), and others.

Yukio Uchida
Yukio Uchida

Yukio was born in Ryotsu City (now part of Sado City), Niigata Prefecture in 1966. He worked as a public official before becoming a freelance photographer. He established himself with his monochrome snapshots while photographing celebrities on the side. He has held private exhibitions of his work at the Nikon Salon, the Fuji Photo Salon, and other galleries. He also writes and has contributed articles to magazines and newspapers and published the books, Leica to Monochrome no Hibi (Black and White Days with the Leica) and Itsumo Kamera Ga (The Camera Always...). He also currently teaches photography classes. He refers to himself as "The Last Liberal Arts Photographer."

Application period Tuesday, June 14, 2011 to Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Announcement of Results The winning entries and photos selected for use in the Calendar will be announced on the Ricoh website in early November 2011.
Exhibition of Prize-Winning Entries We are planning to exhibit the 50 winning entries as full-sized prints at the RING CUBE, the photo gallery in Ginza, Tokyo. Details on the photography exhibition, distribution of the calendar, and other points will be announced on the Ricoh website at a later date.
Ricoh Photo Calendar The selected entries will be used in the 2012 RICOH PHOTO CALENDAR. 13 different works will be selected for the calendar (for each of the 12 months plus the cover). Calendars will be sent out to the artists who produced the selected entries once they have been finalized. (In December 2011, tentatively.)
RING CUBE signboard One or two of the winning entries may be selected for use on signboards at the RING CUBE Ricoh photo gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.
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