10th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
10th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
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The SharkPhotographer : Michael Schöelzel         Camera used : Caplio GX100
Photographer's comments
This photograph was taken almost by accident while I was staying in Szczecin, Poland, for an Ostkreuz School of Photography seminar. I was standing in front of a restaurant with several other people. The sign for that restaurant was a suspended shark. I noticed that a girl was trying to photograph herself and then her sister posed with the shark. It was a fleeting shutter chance. I have received permission from the children's parents for the public display of this photograph. Michael Schoelzel
Reason for selection

This could be called a unique image, but even more than that it is a mysterious situation. It seems like someone is getting carried away here, and I even expect to hear some laughter. I also wonder what the person shooting the self-portrait is feeling as the shot is taken.(Judge:Kazuyuki Okajima)

As an expression of the theme of "my view," this is a very memorable image. We can imagine the photograph of the person taking the self-portrait, and we can also enjoy the view of the person watching her. This is an excellent snap that spurs the imagination in a variety of ways.(Judge:Ryo Ohwada)