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9th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
9th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Photo Style Award
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Colorful potatoes  Photographer  Takeshi Odaki  Camera used  Caplio GX
Photographer's comments
This is a photo of a group of rather imposing foreign women who arrived at the beach were I lay sprawled out on the sand. After they leisurely removed their outer clothing, their multicolored swimming suits could be seen, and to my eyes them seemed to become a group of brightly painted potatoes. Whether they were afraid to go into the sea or not I don't know, but it was very cute the way they stood for so long hands on hips and avoiding the water, so on impulse I took this shot.
Reason for selection
Those three really stand out! I would like to sneak up close so I could hear their conversation. My personal view is that the mother is in the middle, her older daughter on the right, and her younger daughter on the left. And wouldn't it be the icing on the cake if the father is really skinny. One final comment: the composition is fantastic. (Judge:MASASHI ASADA)

It is unusual that the title is written in hiragana characters. The women are nice and big. (Judge:KAYO UME)

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