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8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
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The Wind Beneath Me Photographer Yau Raymond Camera used Caplio R7
Photographer's comments
The photo was taken on a very windy winter's day - the wind so strong that it plucked a few leaves prematurely from the branches. I caught one leave as it fluttered down. It's a precious moment when a young man decides to grow up, and take the risk to leave home and experience the real world, where opportunities abound for those who are young and ambitious. The title makes a reference to the opportunities (wind) that buoy the young and ambitious (green leaf).
Reason for selection
Technically this is a quite a difficult photographic situation using either manual or auto focus, but here the photographer has succeeded wonderfully by simplifying the image. When taking this photograph, the photographer's thoughts were on the journey the young make out into the world, and I think it shows a fine sensibility to see the leaf as representing the future world of youth and adventure. This dancing leaf is certainly not one of those withered leaves that so often symbolize old age!(Judge:Naotaka HIROTA)

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