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8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
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I'm Lady. Photographer Kamiyui-Ya Camera used GR DIGITAL II
Photographer's comments
It was only the second day after I got my GRD2 and, still unfamiliar with the operations, I was fumbling around pointing it here and there when I heard my daughter's voice. As a typical doting parent, I figured she must be asking me to take her picture. Using the monochrome setting for the first time, I took the shot. She ended up a little off-center but I was still pleased with the result. With the morning light streaming in through the window, she looks so lively and adorable. I predict that when she gets married I will look at this photograph and cry.
Reason for selection
A compact camera like the GR DIGITAL can be carried all through the day. So when an opportunity presents itself, we can immediately take the picture. Monochrome mode was a great success here. Removing color from the world makes subtle facial expressions that much more distinct. The angle looking down from directly above is also very good. Just a bit of the tips of the photographer's feet are in the frame so this is also a parent-and-child portrait. The photographer mentions that the baby is off-center, but placing the subject a little off-center is truly a sophisticated technique. The existence of the space to the right creates a feeling of time flowing in the scene. (Judge:Yokogi ALAO)

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