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8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
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Father’s Memento Photographer LONGJING Camera used Caplio GX100
Photographer's comments
When I cleaned up the room of my late father, I came across a paulownia-wood box casually wrapped in newspaper. Opening it up, I found a single photograph and a small bellows camera. The photograph appeared to have been taken around 1954, but it was a photo that I did not have in my family photo album. Thinking back, I sort of remembered the photo being taken. Taking a look at the album once again, I found that, in fact, this is the only photo of us all posing together. So it is very important to me. I had the faded photo digitally reproduced, and put it on display in our living room. Perhaps because it was well taken care of, the camera still takes fine photographs.
Reason for selection
A family photograph aged to sepia tone and the camera that probably took it. The camera is an Olympus Chrome Six IIIA made in 1951. It is wonderful that it is being carefully preserved as a keepsake of the father. The origin of photography is the making of a record.(Judge:Keiichi KIMURA)

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