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8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Special GR DIGITAL Three-Year Commemorative Award
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Curiosity Photographer Kudrys Pavel Camera used GR DIGITAL II
Photographer's comments
This photo was taken during a meeting of a local photo club. It was completely unplanned shot taken thanks to GRDII unobtrusive size + silent operation. The kids and their guardian did not notice they are photograhed and that gave this photo its natural and unique look. Taken with 40mm tele converter, DNG processed in Silkypix.
Reason for selection
First of all, the two pairs of stretched out legs of the children catch the eye, and the image has a fine natural expressiveness to which we respond by wanting to ask "What can you see?" The light from the window creates the overall atmosphere, and the feeling of three-dimensional depth realized with the superb exposure is wonderful. A part is also played in the composition by the older person protectively watching the young pair as they stretch out the window. This composition combined with a color scheme unified by similar sepia tones results in a wonderful image that makes us feel as if we are watching a scene from an old movie. (Judge:Yasutaka TANJI)

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