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8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Judges' Award [Keiichi KIMURA]
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Under The Umbrella Photographer Chieko Uchida Camera used R8
Photographer's comments
Painted stones were lined up along the wall of a kindergarten building. They were all wonderful works, but the one that I found particularly fascinating had been placed under an umbrella-shaped stain on the wall. Did the artist put it there so the "umbrella" would protect it from the rain. Did the artist hope the girl he liked would put her painting under the umbrella also? The sensibility of a child is mysterious and deep. I photographed this moment of warm happiness at encountering a child's rich sensitivity.
Reason for selection
The fish painting on the stone is truly wonderful. I take my hat off to the sensibilities of children. In the background of the casually placed stone painting of a fish, a form resembling an umbrella can be seen in the stain on the wall. I am also much impressed with the sensibility of this photographer who took the picture while imagining the fish as being protected by an umbrella. (Judge:Keiichi KIMURA)

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