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8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
8th RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Judges' Award [Naotaka HIROTA]
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His Favorite Train Photographer Nohoi Camera used Caplio R4
Photographer's comments
While he is normally running around the room unable to sit still, for some reason when he is looking at a train or riding a train, he becomes very calm and quiet. At only three years old, he is already turning into quite a train fan. He has an N gauge train that he won't part with for an instant. If someone takes it away, he bursts into very loud tears. Here I perfectly caught both his important thing and also the peaceful sleeping face that is so very important to his parents.
Reason for selection
He certainly loves trains. The train in his grasp is the 201 model that was the main type used on the Chuo Line. The way the train car is blurred in dream-like fashion is representative of the skill involved in the shot. In this sleeping face, there is something that is truly important, and a moment that is truly important, both for his parents and for society. His energy is also manifested in the scratch on his cheek. A heartwarming image! (Judge:Naotaka HIROTA)

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