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Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
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From Seeds, Cyclamen Photographer SILVER Camera used Caplio G4 wide
Photographer's comments
I planted the seeds ordered from England, and 15 months after the seeds germinated my long-awaited cyclamen bloomed. Unlike the splendid flowers neatly standing in rows of flowerpots in the garden shops, my flowers bloom wildly in carefree profusion, but I feel more power in my way. In afternoons in the middle of winter, the room overflows with vivid color and a nostalgic fragrance.
Reason for selection
This is a totally familiar, commonplace scene. It is not necessary to constantly stand in readiness, camera in hand, obsessed with a desire to take photographs that are extraordinary. Here I think it is the photographer's affection for the flowers that he has nurtured for more than a year that gives this image its expressive power. In the soft sunlight, the pale pink of the cyclamen and the leaves of the thin branches sustain an exquisite balance. I also sense a clean fragrance emanating from the white walls and window blinds of this somehow relaxing image.

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