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Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
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The Home of Japanese Paper Photographer Kunio Kono Camera used Caplio GX100
Photographer's comments
A bit old perhaps, this picture was taken at Tanabata festival time last year.
The town of Ogawa in Saitama Prefecture is known as the home of Japanese paper. While there, I photographed children playing among the Tanabata decorations made of such paper.
I think the yukata cotton kimono, the Japanese paper, and the festival scene combine to create a wonderful profusion of color, so I am sending it to you.
Reason for selection
Two young girls play among the Tanabata festival decorations of brilliantly colored Japanese paper. To be honest, I was not quite sure how to evaluate this photograph. Was it the expression on the face of the young girl surrounded by vivid paper decorations that attracted me? Actually, I think that I chose it because of the photographer's simple and unmannered perspective which honestly expresses the festival atmosphere and because for me this image embodies the decisiveness of snapshooting, with the photographer boldly pointing the camera at the girl and taking the picture without obsessing on background composition. I responded positively to the photographer who took the shot in this way.

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