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Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
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Illuminated bikes Photographer sevenoften7 Camera used Caplio R6
Photographer's comments
Image was taken in low light conditions using the lowest possible ISO and a tripod. One of the lights for the wheel was broken, so I called this picture "flat tire". Thanks for your great competitions.
Reason for selection
The photographer named the photo "flat tire" after the broken light. The photo's overall balance of four units is interesting; he shows two bicycles, vertical, one in front of the other, along with their reflections in a pool of water. The photographer must have noticed the up-and-down movement of the eye line because of the breakage. The time looks to be twilight and the surrounding background and the color of the light express a warmth. It is an eye-catching work in which one can see the photographer's sense of humor.

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