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Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Caplio News Award Photo
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Casual Encounter with Leaf Photographer Kohramariko  Camera used Caplio R7
Photographer's comments
In corner of a newly frozen lake, I bend down to discover a small piece of nature. I can't say why, but standing in the cold air I found warmth in the color of a withered leaf. An instant in photo memory...
Reason for selection
The photographer shows wonderful powers of observation in not missing this tiny, ground-level landscape that would normally pass unnoticed. Here is truly an uncanny formal beauty created by nature. A single fallen leaf imprisoned in and surrounded by air bubbles of mysterious shape. There is dignity and grace in the calm coloring and composition. This is a work that communicates the photographer's aesthetic sensibility and sensitivity to nature.

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