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Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
Seventh RICOH Photo Contest Winning Photos
GR BLOG Award Photo
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green Photographer Danjun Camera used Caplio GX100
Photographer's comments
Searching for beautiful coloration close at hand, I came upon the kitchen cleanser. (Ha ha)
It was a very beautiful green, so I ecstatically pushed the shutter. So in the interest of recreating my sense of wonder at that time, for the title I tried adding an extra "e" to make it "greeen."
Reason for selection
A tip of the hat to this photographer's great powers of observation in finding this art in everyday life, and in the kitchen no less. And I would add a round of applause for the photographer's skill with a camera because even if one finds such a scene it is no easy job to turn it into a high-quality image. I found the pleasures in the perfect composition with well-balanced placement of the key bubbles in the picture and the refreshing green coloring.

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