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Increasing the number of GXR fans among store personnel

Katsumi Sakurai
"In our sales promotion activities, we
sought to create GXR fans." (Katsumi

"Interest in the GXR spurred by the website or other information, customers sometimes ask questions at a store. We wanted to create GXR fans among store personnel so that they would be better able to answer questions from such customers," said Katsumi Sakurai, a member of the Sales Strategy Group in the Personal MultiMedia Products Company ICS Sales Office.

"The structure and mechanisms of the GXR are fundamentally different from past digital cameras. So we explained the GXR concept to store personnel, and at the same time we put the actual product into their hands and had them take pictures with it. One common reaction when we explained the concept was, 'This is really interesting!' Their genuine interest can be seen in the fact that immediately after the start of sales the GXR was featured in the 'popular new products' section of many store websites. Both camera and non-camera units will be introduced in the future so we want to continue our efforts to turn store personnel into fans who will look forward to the future development of the GXR," said Sakurai.

Easy-to-understand explanation board showing the method for changing units (displayed on sales floor)
Easy-to-understand explanation board
showing the method for changing units
(displayed on sales floor)

Since the GXR pioneers a totally new concept for a camera, Ricoh also worked hard to develop the GXR sales environment in stores. This included moving quickly to respond to requests from the people doing the actual sales. For example, when we heard that customers were having a hard time figuring out how to change the camera units, an easy-to-understand explanation board was produced and displayed in a conspicuous position in GXR sales corners to help people understand the operation method.

Press events in multiple countries

When the GXR was announced, GXR project members (including design personnel) traveled around Europe and Asia for promotion activities. The fact that the president of Ricoh's Personal MultiMedia Products Company spoke passionately about the GXR concept at press events in each country communicated Ricoh's enthusiasm for this new product.

"There are fans of Ricoh's GR DIGITAL line in every country. Through this fan community, we provided support for activities aimed at helping people understand the concept and appeal of the GXR," explained Sakurai, who was in charge of overseas sales strategy. As part of the overseas announcement events, there was also a campaign in which images actually shot with the GXR were printed at local print shops. People involved in printing the images were amazed that they had been shot with such a compact camera.

GXR promotion activities are also planned at the following event.

CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show
(Pacifico Yokohama, March 11-14, 2010)

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