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Greatly enhanced speed in RAW data capturing and writing

There has been a recent increase in users who process RAW data from the CCD on computer by themselves rather than have data produced through the image engine. Thanks to the advances in recording media capacity and image processing software, large amounts of data such as this are handled more adeptly. With the GX200 as well, picture-taking to writing is an astonishing 3 seconds in order to meet the demands of user who want to work with raw data.

Koji Oka
"We increased speed by reworking the
image processing method." (Koji Oka)

"We did add a large capacity buffer memory, but we also reworked the processing sequence from picture capture to writing and, by using simultaneous parallel processing, greatly upped speed," tells Koji Oka, who was in charge of signal processing sequence. "Users had asked for continuous advance shooting with raw data deliver, so we definitely wanted to provide this feature. We shortened the processing time and eliminated the stress of taking multiple raw data pictures."

Simultaneous parallel processing for continuous advance shooting with raw data delivery.

Large easy-to-use LCD

Maki explained, "More user-settable features were added such as more combinations between the Function button and My Settings, and on/off control for noise reduction and distortion correction, yet a great deal of effort went into making them easy to use. The 2.7" high definition LCD displays text and images in the fine detail of 460,000 dots. In other words, even smallest text can be clearly distinguished.

"We also reformed the display fonts. And, we reworked sizes and layouts so that subjects would not be hidden under text or marks. And, naturally, considerations were shown for the visibility of the LCD viewfinder," said Maki. The fonts were developed by Ricoh's Font Development Center with the intention of making things easier to read and more graceful. Maki noted, "The camera shake warning symbol was shifted to the right so as not to cover faces of people in view."

A large LCD and new fonts combine for detailed information displays.

As a new genre of "high spec compact digital camera," the GX100 spurred users to demand for more, which they got with the GX200. Some of the new features added this time also employ the GR DIGITAL II firmware update. The synergy of this is creating a new kind of camera life.

  • *All focal distances in this text have been converted to 35 mm format camera.
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