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Distortion correction can also be selected.

Takeshi Watanabe
"We also made it possible for users to select
distortion correction." (Takeshi Watanabe)

Takeshi Watanabe had the chore of actually embedding the image processing parameters set by Naito into the image processing engine. He tells, "The Smooth Imaging Engine III is high performance and can do a lot of things. Processing speed is faster, too. Our work was to maximize that performance."

One thing that this engine can do is "allow users to turn distortion correction on/off. With wide-angle lenses, peripheral areas can be distorted because of the way the lens refracts the light, but film cameras could not correct that distortion because images were projected directly from the lens onto the film. With the advent of digital cameras, it became possible to correct that via the image processing engine."

"Users may even like this distortion," added Watanabe, "which means some users would disapprove of the camera automatically correcting it, so with that thought in mind, we made it possible to turn distortion correction on/off."

In wide-angle shots, turning distortion correction on reduces peripheral distortion.

We analyzed hundreds of patterns

Unlike fixed focal point cameras, the GX200 has a wide 24 ~ 72 mm focal range. Moreover, it can mount a 19 mm wide conversion lens and 135 mm tele conversion lens. And, with numerous settings for zooming and macro shots, several hundred types of pictures can be taken.

As Watanabe tells, "It was tough work categorizing how distortion would come out in what kind of shooting conditions and enabling settings to correct them all." To view the image distortion, pictures like a matrix of numerous horizontal and vertical lines are taken. Watanabe explained, "We repeatedly photographed this matrix, checked the image and adjusted settings. After these desperate efforts to set up the feature, I am so glad that users like the distortion correction."

  • *All focal distances in this text have been converted to 35 mm format camera.

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