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Well-Liked Automatic Opening/Closing Lens Cap

"The Automatic Opening/Closing Lens Cap (option) that was newly developed for the launch of the GX200 has made a bigger-than-expected impact," said Fukushima. He added, "Users commented that the cap for the GX100 was troublesome once detached."

Automatic Opening/Closing Lens Cap that met with bigger-than-expected approval
Automatic Opening/Closing Lens Cap that met
with bigger-than-expected approval

Higuchi said, "We absolutely wanted to give the GX200 a lens cap that would open and close automatically, and we were adamant about adding it to the GX100." Showing us a sample cap that was created in the development process, Higuchi added, "We thought of a configuration that would open outside of the lens system." The development staff, nonetheless, went through a series of trials and errors with forward-opening types, double door types, etc.

"I personally was amazed that 'such a possibility existed' when development staff proposed a model that opened in three directions," tells Higuchi. The lens cap is simple and esthetically pleasing as it automatically opens without using electricity when the lens pushes against it and closes when the lens retracts. "We showed it to a bunch of people and it was strongly welcomed," added Fukushima.

Excitement at the Announcement

Ahead of the July 4 launch date, the GX200 was announced on June 24 and was shrouded in more fever than the time when the GX100 was announced, by the journalists, professional photographers and users who were present. "After the press announcement and talk show, there were events where visitors could handle the actual camera, but it seemed like users wanted it much more than when the GX100 came out," said Fukushima.

People gathered for the GX200 announcement (June 24, 2008)
People gathered for the GX200 announcement
(June 24, 2008)

The GX200 is one camera where the choices one makes on how to lead one's life and the concepts that went into the camera came together. The compact GX200 digital camera makes the picture-taking process fun and enjoyable, while allowing users to apply their own ideas.

  • *All focal distances appearing in this text are converted for 35 mm film.
  • * The GX200 is being sold in two configurations: with the LCD Viewfinder and without.
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