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Main Points of the GX200

Toshio Fukushima
"We improved the strengths of the GX100."
(Toshio Fukushima)

Chief of marketing, Toshio Fukushima, said, "We carefully analyzed the opinions we received from users of the GX100 and set out to brush the camera up. By mounting a 19 mm wide conversion lens (DW6), a wider field of view could be reproduced, and, by adding a tiltable external LCD viewfinder, we made the higher-quality finished GX200, while keeping the GX100's features intact."

Let us list just the main points.

(1)High picture quality is delivered with low noise by a new CCD of 12.1M pixels and a new imaging engine known as "Smooth Imaging Engine III". Moreover, ghosting has been reduced by fine tuning of the lens unit.

(2)The camera builds in Distortion (peripheral aberrations that readily occur in wide-angle shots) Correction tailored for the 19 mm wide conversion lens.

Peripheral distortion is reduced in wide-angle shots by activating Distortion Correction.

(3)An Electronic Level has been newly incorporated. Alignment can now be checked not only for the camera body but the LCD Viewfinder as well, therefore users can swiftly find a horizontal or vertical level shooting position and shoot.

A level shooting position is identified by an electronic indicator.

(4)Up to 5 shots can be taken continuously in the RAW mode. This is achieved by writing and buffering in parallel to one another. Moreover, RAW pictures of a 1:1 aspect ratio are supported.

(5)The number of My Settings modes that users use to register their favorite settings was increased to 3 and there are now 2 function buttons, so users can register more of their favorite shooting settings.

A variety of settings can be swiftly made using the My Settings mode and the Function Buttons.

(6)Versatile flash photography is made possible by Flash Exposure Compensation, Manual Flash and 1st-curtain / 2nd-curtain flash sync selection.

(7)Users can choose White Balance Correction that lets them set "Color temperature", as well as set B&W tone for color depth, contrast and sharpness.

White Balance can be corrected during or after the shot.

(8)An Automatic Opening/Closing Lens Cap (option) can be mounted.

(9)Pictures can be taken up to a view equivalent to 135 mm by mounting a teleconversion lens.

The 135mm teleconversion lens(TC-1) has been highly rated for the beautiful portrait shots it takes.
The 135mm teleconversion lens(TC-1) has been highly rated
for the beautiful portrait shots it takes.

(10)Furthermore, the 2.7" 460,000 dot high definition LCD can display 20 thumbnails at a time.

(11)Subjects can be displayed in the LCD viewfinder when either the 19 mm or 135 mm teleconversion lens is mounted, therefore users can capture images they want.

"Users sent us valuable opinions on the GX100. With comments like 'I want to take RAW data in the 1:1 square mode' and 'I want a flash that doesn't scare away the insects I photograph,' we realized everyone has their preferences," told Fukushima.

  • *All focal distances appearing in this text are converted for 35 mm film.

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