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So That More People Can Taste What Photographic Expression Is All About GX200 Digital Camera

Broader Shooting Range and Greater Freedom of Use

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Conviction Gained with the GX100

Hiroyuki Higuchi
"I can sense the growing demand of users."
(Hiroyuki Higuchi)

The GX100 that was launched in April 2007 opened up a new genre of "high-end compact digital camera" by enabling users to shoot a wide range of scenes including landscapes, portraits and close-ups, plus providing good expandability.

Compact digital cameras offer mobility that SLR cameras can't. It's their compactness that appeals to professional photographers. It can be easily carried about and quickly positioned to capture subjects. The subject does not have to be posed, so natural expressions can be photographed.

"We saw the market wanting high picture quality, of course, but also a wide angle of view in a compact body, a broad shooting range that supports the whole span from close-ups to zooming, and a high degree of freedom via various settings," tells Hiroyuki Higuchi, the chief of product planning. "With the GX200, we used that conviction as a base, then looked for ways to widen the shooting range and enhance the freedom of use."

Even Wider Shooting Range and Greater Freedom of Use

New tools inspire new needs. The GX100, too, stirred the user's desire to take pictures, placing new demands on cameras. "Digital SLR cameras have become affordable, so we sensed there was a change in what consumers wanted in a compact digital camera," says Higuchi. There has been an increase in users who have taken pictures with an SLR camera, and this has boosted demands for functioning and picture quality.

GX200 went on sale on July 4, 2008
GX200 went on sale on July 4, 2008

The product planning team looked at what kind of camera should follow the GX100 from various angles and came up with the GX200.

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