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Pictures tell the beauty of the GR DIGITAL

Photo Contest
The theme of the 2nd Caplio & GR DIGITAL Photo
Contest was "Quiet Moments and Places". Pictures
were exhibited from September 20 - 23, 2007 at
Ricoh's Headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo.

Kashimura said, "We staged various events in order to diffuse a candid photo culture of capturing special moments and convey the beauty of the GR DIGITAL." Because the camera is compact, there are special moments it can capture. That attribute is told by works entered in photo contests and GR DIGITAL calendar contests.

GR DIGITAL 2008 Calendar of selected
photos (Draft pages shown in photo.)

The photo contests that were staged under specific themes were for both the Caplio brand and the GR DIGITAL, but it became so popular, it was made a regular event and is currently in its 7th edition (entries for the 7th edition are currently being accepted up until February 16, 2008). Entries from outside of Japan have also increased, but only the exhibit in Ginza, Tokyo shows all entries, which has fueled calls to "stage the exhibition in regional locations."

The GR DIGITAL Calendar Contest has been highly welcomed because select works are included in the following year's calendar. This year, many photos were again submitted and the next GR DIGITAL calendar is in the making.

"GR SNAPS". Collection of top 100 photos.

"When we look at everyone's pictures, we know that they truly love this camera," tells Kashimura. "So, in order to share that feeling with the general public, we jointly published a collection of photos under the title of 'GR SNAPS'."

"GR SNAPS (published by CMS Corporation, sold by Pia Corporation)" is a collection of photographic works taken by professional photographers and others at the forefront of music, literature, architecture, business, etc. It relates the fascination and profundity of the fleeting moments of daily life as told by the 100 differing photographic styles and subjects of the 100 contributors.

Evolution driven by communication with users

Kashimura says, "Continuing these kind of contact points with users enables us to evolve the GR DIGITAL further without betraying user expectations." He demonstrated his desire by saying, "There are many avid users outside of Japan as well, so we want to develop worldwide activities from this point forward." The draw of the GR DIGITAL II will grow from now as it evolves in close communication with users.

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