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How was user enthusiasm addressed?

Welcomed by users right from the start

Oji Kashimura
"We continuously sense this deep devotion
by user to the GR DIGITAL." (Oji Kashimura)

User impressions of the GR DIGITAL II have piled in since the November 22 launch of the new camera. "I can't believe the pictures I took." "I am completely captivated by the pictures of my GR DIGITAL II." "The instant level measurement has come in handy." Whichever we read, users are hailing the "legitimate evolution of the GR DIGITAL" that begins with higher picture quality. "We were absolutely certain that retained concepts were not wrong," tells chief of sales strategy Oji Kashimura.

Since the launch of the predecessor GR DIGITAL, Kashimura has worked with product planning departments to research "what class of user demands what type of camera" and has been involved in sales promotion. Through these activities, he has seen how the high evaluation of the GR DIGITAL has carried over to the GR DIGITAL II.

(The external finder is optional.)

"We could feel the 'GR DIGITAL was loved' throughout these past two years," tells Kashimura. In a digital camera market where normally successor models appear as early as 3 months after predecessors, the GR DIGITAL has continued to sell at stable prices for two solid years. That's because market approval has been high the whole time.

"And, when we started talking about a successor, there was no 'difference, in the opinions that I want to make this kind of camera' or 'such and such a camera is what people want' in the company," says Kashimura. Both the manufacturer and the user fell in love with same camera and it took off. How did this ever happen?

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