System diagram

Accessories Included

  • * Hood & adapter are required (37mm diameter filter). Inquiries should be directed to the original manufacturer.
  • * When utilizing the external viewfinder, a larger portion of the view is blocked when a conversion lens or the hood is attached.
  • * When a conversion lens or the hood is attached, the camera's built-in flash cannot be utilized.
  • Included with the camera

GR DIGITAL II Optional Accessories

Accessory Name
External Viewfinder GV-1
Mini External Viewfinder GV-2
Wide conversion Lens(21mm) GW-1
Tele Conversion Lens(40mm) GT-1
Hood & Adapter(For GW-1,GT-1) GH-1
AC Adapter AC-4c
Neck strap GS-1
Neck strap ST-2
Soft case GC-1
Soft Case (For GV-2) GC-2
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery DB-60
Battery Charger BJ-6
Cable switch CA-1
  • Vignetting in viewfinder may increase with use of external viewfinder, wide conversion lens or hood.
  • Internal flash cannot be used with wide conversion lens or hood.

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