Feature4: Body design and expandability

Slim body that fits in your hand expressing the pursuit of “beautility”

1/870sec, F7.1, ISO100, EV-1.2,WB:MANUAL, Noise Reduction:OFF, Full size photo;no trimming
With use of 21mm wide conversion lens (GW-1), 1/870sec, F7.1, ISO100, EV-1.2, WB:MANUAL,
Noise Reduction:OFF, Full size photo;no trimming

Large 2.7",230,000 pixel LCD monitor with high resolution and wide viewing angle

Large2.7",230,000 pixel picture display with high resolution and wide vewing angle
* Simulated images

Despite its compact body, GR DIGITAL II boasts a full-size 2.7" LCD monitor with approximately 230,000 pixels giving sharply defined detail. Its 160-degree viewing angle permits clear visibility from low or high perspectives.

Manually operated pop-up flash

Manually operated pop-up flash

To flash or not to flash? To respect the user’s intentions, GR DIGITAL II incorporates a built-in manual pop-up flash, activated by a manual slide switch so there’s no chance of it going off unintentionally. A flash compensation function (±2.0EV in 0.3EV steps) independent from the AE lets you reduce or boost flash intensity for just the right effect.

Extended battery life,370 shots per charge

The DB-60 rechargeable battery provides approximately 370*shots. Conventional AAA alkaline batteries, available everywhere, will give up to 45* shots, so you need never worry about running out of juice. For added versatility, the camera can also be powered by AC adapter,Oxyride and rechargeable nickel hydrate AAA batteries.
  • * CIPA standard

Extended battery life

Robust, lightweight magnesium body

magnesium body

Camera exterior is light yet sturdy, thanks to use of diecast magnesium.While just 25mm thin, the high-durability body stands up to twists,pressure and shocks. Antimagnetic shielding also suppresses electromagnetism that can cause generation of noise. In terms of every detail — reliability, high-class impression, portability and image quality — Ricoh has aimed at creating the ultimate in terms of well balanced body design.

Accessories for expanded enjoyment

Available options include the GW-1 wide conversion lens (21mm equiv.); GV-1 21-28mm compatible viewfinder; GT-1 tele conversion lens (40mm equiv.); GV-2 minifinder for 28mm; GC-2 soft case that accommodates the camera while GV-2 is attached, and other items for extra versatility and convenience.

See options page for system diagram

GR DIGITAL II evolution goes on.Downloadable function-expansion firmware

As new upgrades to support camera functions are introduced,Ricoh periodically supplies firmware that can be downloaded free ofcharge. Visit the Ricoh Web site for the newest upgrades at:

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