Feature3: Advanced operability

Operability and customizability to instantly respond to the photographer’s intentions

1/11sec, F5, ISO100, EV-1.5, WB:AUTO, Noise Reduction:ON, Full size photo;no trimming
1/11sec, F5, ISO100, EV-1.5, WB:AUTO, Noise Reduction:ON, Full size photo;no trimming

Instantly recordable My Setting modes(1,2) enables switching to preset preferences

Aspect ratio(horizontal-vertical ratio) with 1:1 squre mode
Mode dial

The My Setting modes let you input and store the shooting styles you use most frequently and instantly activate them by selecting My Setting on the mode dial. This is a great convenience for matching up shooting styles and scenes. Up to two settings can be registered in memory.

Presettable functions:

• Shooting mode • Aperture in aperture priority mode • Focus position during manual focus • Macro • Flash mode • Self-Timer • DISP mode • Image quality • size • Focus • Metering method • Continuous shooting • mage settings • Auto bracketing • Date entry • Exposure compensation • White balance • ISO sensitivity • Text density • Frame advance rate • Function button setting • Leveler setting • Shooting icon enlargement

ADJ. lever permits seamless operation from adjustments to confirmation

ADJ lever

For quicker, more positive operation, after you’ve completed all settings and adjustments you can reconfirm them at a push of the ADJ. lever, without having to remove your finger from the lever.

Fn(Function) button summons functions at a touch

Fn(Function) button
Fn Button

Use the Fn (Function) button to register functions you often require, and you can switch to them instantly, a feature that greatly simplifies operations, and ensures you can capture those not-to-be-missed shots.

Items programmable in Fn button :

• AF <=> MF(combined with AF lock) • Snap <=> AF • AE lock • JPEG => RAW • Color =>B/W • Color => B/W(TE) • Various settings menu (exposure compensation, white balance, ISO, picture quality, focus, picture settings, metering, continuous shooting, auto bracketing, flash adjustment compensation)

RAW mode achieves speed and high image quality

In addition to JPEG (Fine/Normal), images can be stored in RAW mode. In the RAW setting, buffer memory size is boosted so that as soon as the first shot is taken, the camera is instantly enabled for the next shot. You can toggle between JPEG and RAW modes instantly using the Fn control.
  • * Aspect ratio selectable between 4:3 and 3:2

Automatic image rotation

Automatic image rotation
* Simulated images

The camera always knows which way is “up,” so shots are viewable in the picture display as-is, whether you grip the camera horizontally or vertically.

Data display mode for effective shooting

Data display mode

* Simulated images

When using the external viewfinder, the LCD monitor indicates only the settings data. This keeps the monitor illumination from creating a distraction to let you concentrate on the subject.

Scene mode

Three scene modes - Movie, Skew Correction and Text modes are provided. With Text mode, you can use the camera to record memos. The Movie mode records up to 640x400 pixels at 30 frames per second.

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