Various options enhance your creativity
and enjoyment of the GR Digital

photo image

Wide-angle perspectives bring joy to the photographic experience, especially when every detail is clear from corner to corner.
With use of wide conversion lens (GW-1). 1/660sec, F4.5, ISO64, EV-0.7(Full-size photo; no trimming)

Wide conversion lens (GW-1 *1)
expands field of view to 21mm

*1: Optional
The newly developed GW-1 21mm wide conversion lens unit expands the angle of view to a super-wide 21mm without compromising the camera's superb optical performance. An electronic sensor in the GR Digital detects when the GW-1 lens is mounted and adjusts autofocusing accordingly to ensure flawless focusing. A detachable hood is also with this conversion lens for blocking unneeded light and preventing unintended flares from spoiling wide-angle photos.
Hood Lens Adaptor*2 *2: Screw shape diameter 37 P0.75 (length 2.6mm)
  • * Requires hood & adapter (GH-1) for attachment. Compatible with JIS 37mm filter diameter only.
    For more details, please ask the manufacturer.
  • · Vignetting in viewfinder may increase with use of external viewfinder, wide conversion lens or hood.
  • · Internal flash cannot be used with wide conversion lens or hood.

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