A supremely user-friendly,
elegant design that makes owners proud

Sturdy yet elegant magnesium body

GR Digital is designed to accompany photographers wherever they go, reliably capturing any scene at a moment's notice. Durable, lightweight and easy to hold, its die-cast magnesium body protects high-precision inner circuitry from electromagnetic interference while exuding a highly satisfying look of genuine, luxurious quality.

magnesium body


Simple, one-action-operation menu system

Functional advances are no excuse for complex operation. With the goal of an ultimate one-action, one-button user-interface, Ricoh developed an elegant menu system that lets users instantly call up often-used functions in response to shutter opportunities.

menu system


Clear 2.5-type, 210,000-pixel LCD
with 100% coverage

The large 2.5-type color TFT LCD monitor on the back of GR Digital provides 100% coverage *1 of the field of view. At roughly 210,000 pixels, the screen's high resolution makes it easy to check the focus by zooming in on pictures after shooting. The screen also assists users by displaying various information, including histograms for adjusting exposure and grids for achieving precise vertical/horizontal alignment or tripartite-division framing.

  • *1: At 3264 x 2448 and 3264 x 2176 resolution settings when digital zooming is not in use.
Clear 2.5-type, 210,000-pixel LCD with 100% coverage
Image is simulated  


Optional GV-1
external viewfinder for more comfortable framing

LCDs on digital cameras are not always ideal for monitoring dark environments and fast-moving subjects. But the optional GV-1 optical viewfinder solves this problem. It mounts on the hot shoe almost directly above the lens and offers a framing guide for capturing a 21mm-equivalent field of view when using the optional GW1 21mm wide conversion lens.
Optional GV-1
・ Actual framing differs from simulated screen image shown below.  


Built-in automatic pop-up flash
with brightness sensor


The built-in flash unit pops up automatically when needed and is far enough from the lens to illuminate all corners of the wide 28mm-equivalent field of view without lens barrel vignetting. This sufficient distance between flash and lens also reduces the occurrence of red eye. The flash has a guide number of 12.

Two-dial system enhances operability
and user concentration

Two-dial systemThe GR Digital comes with two dials - a front dial for selecting the aperture and a rear dial for changing the shutter speed. Together, they offer superb operability and allow smooth setting of desired exposure in the manual exposure mode. The front dial can also be used to scroll menus for speedier operation.

A host of great features

Wide-ranging shutter speeds (180-1/2000 sec.)
3:2 aspect ratio available in RAW/Fine mode
Wide-ranging ISO speeds (64/100/200/400/800/1600)
1.5cm close-ups in macro shooting mode
Fixed focus distance at 2.5m in snap mode
Automatic auxiliary AF light for accurate focusing even in dark environments
AF Target Selection function also provides focus-locking without moving camera
Hot shoe supports metering via external flash unit*2
320 x 240 pixel/30fps video recording mode
3-way power source (bundled rechargeable battery / AAA regular or rechargeable batteries / AC adaptor)
3-point strap links with camera side and top
USB mass storage support
Fast data transfer via USB 2.0
PictBridge support
  • *2 :Only when a recommended external flash unit is mounted.
    <Recommended flash units> Sigma Corporation's EF-500 DG Super and EF-500DG ST(for Sigma)

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