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The architectural grandeur of this scene is conveyed with fine details in the shadows and no blowout in the highlights.
1/5sec, F5.6, ISO64, (Full-size photo; no trimming)

Customizable settings enhance control
over image reproduction

In the evolution from film to digital, the GR Digital gained the ability to customize image reproduction settings. Previously, photographers could change the type of film and adjust image quality in the development and printing stages to obtain desired results. But the GR Digital can achieve similar results through simple manual adjustment of such settings as contrast and levels before shooting. Each setting offers five levels of adjustment, and users can save up to two combinations of settings for later recall when similar shooting conditions arise.


Simultaneous recording of JPEG and RAW
for high flexibility


With one press of the shutter button, the GR Digital simultaneously creates two image files: one in the JPEG data format and the other in RAW. This option gives users the flexibility to choose the best format later, depending on how the image is used. RAW images are saved as DNG (Digital Negative Archival) files, which can be processed with ease to achieve desired results in Adobe Photoshop and other digital imaging software.

White balance adjustment lets you captures subtle
differences in color nuance

Accurate white balance is essential for the faithful reproduction of subtle colors. Such accuracy can be achieved through one of seven versatile white balance modes (Auto, Daylight, Overcast, Tungsten Light, Fluorescent Light, Manual, and Advanced). The Auto mode automatically provides highly accurate white balance regardless of the subject's color and reflectivity. Also provided is a white balance bracketing function that generates several instances of the same shot with automatically shifted white balance settings.


High-precision AE quickly adjusts to suit any shooting

The GR Digital offers two automatic exposure (AE) modes - program shift and aperture priority - as well as a manual exposure mode. In the program shift mode, the GR Digital quickly selects the ideal combination of exposure and shutter speed for the shooting environment according to default or user-configured parameters. Users can choose center-weighted metering, spot metering, or exceptionally accurate 256-point multi metering that is not affected by luminance gaps around the metering spots.

Approx. 1.5 sec. shooting cycle * for rapid
shooting response

High-speed AF is assured when the shutter is fully pressed without stopping halfway. Throughout the entire shooting cycle, including the AF process, GR Digital works at maximum speed - in combination with fast data writing to memory card - to deliver fast 1.5 second response to sudden shutter opportunities. Until the memory card is full, this consistently quick shooting cycle is not affected by how much storage space remains in the card. Data compression is accelerated by an efficient coding algorithm, and the shooting interval is a quick 1.3 seconds.

*When using a SD Memory Card with a data transfer speed of at least 10MB/sec.

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