8-megapixel CCD and new GR Engine
faithfully capture every scene

photo image

The GR lens brings out subtle gradations in a twilight sky.
1sec, F5.6, ISO64, EV-1.3

photo image

Natural reproduction of color, without bleeding. Even casual shots become superb visual art.
1/52sec, F4.0, ISO64,(Full-size photo; no trimming)


GR Lens advantages bring out high-resolution
CCD potential

Ricoh's advanced CCD delivers signature GR image quality. This compact 1/1.8-type imaging sensor with approximately 8.13 million effective pixels fully complements the sharp GR Lens to produce images with rich gradations and a wide dynamic range. Results are truly gratifying even when shooting at high sensitivity settings up to ISO1600.


Color aberration correction eliminates purple fringes

One of the most common color aberrations faced by digital photographers is a chromatic aberration called a “purple fringe” that appears along high-contrast edges. This problem becomes more pronounced when using a wide-angle lens and fully open aperture. But highly efficient color aberration correction functions in the GR Digital eliminate purple fringes and reproduce true-to-life images in vivid, fine detail and natural color.

Newly developed GR Engine reproduces
true-to-life images

The GR Engine was developed with the goal of reproducing images that match or surpass film camera photographs in terms of resolution and color faithfulness. Its sophisticated image processing algorithm, developed through analysis of massive sample image data, produces natural results in nearly all shooting conditions. Even diagonal lines, which are a challenge for CCD sensors, are reproduced smoothly thanks to an original image correction process in Ricoh's GR Engine. By intelligently analyzing shooting conditions and user intentions, Ricoh's new GR Engine produces exceptionally pleasing true-to-life results.

Meticulously screened components
sharply reduce noise

Grainy electronic noise, especially in shadows, is a problem inherent to digital cameras. Ricoh minimizes such noise at its source by only employing electronic components, such as circuit boards, that have been proven through rigorous screening to offer excellent low-noise characteristics. This low-noise internal circuitry together with advanced digital noise reduction helps ensure superb image quality that is worthy of the GR moniker.

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