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Last Updated 2001/01
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Windows Me-compatible Software
  • ·RDC-i700 Explorer Plug-in, v.1.24 (or later)

Things to Note
  • 1.Please wait for a ten-second interval (approximately) between any of the following actions: connecting or disconnecting the USB cable, switching the mode dial, or turning the RDC-i700 on/off. By checking the RDC-i700 Virtual Server Process event log, you can make sure everything is operating properly.

    Event Log Examples

    • ·"Couldn't start ComOpen"
      This message appears when the USB cable is inserted/removed or the power is turned on before the camera has had a chance to connect properly. Please restart the camera and the computer.

    • ·"Virtual Server Stopped"
      This message appears when the USB cable has been disconnected (mode dial switched, power turned off). You can reconnect normally in this condition. When you reconnect (insert USB cable, switch mode dial, turn power on), please do it in this way.

    • ·"Virtual Server Started..."
      This message appears when the camera has been connected correctly. When disconnecting (disconnect cable, switch mode dial, turn power off), please do it in this way.

  • 2.If the USB cable has been connected correctly, but the camera still is not working properly, check to make sure that the RDC-i700 is not listed as an Unknown Device in the Device Manager. If it is, delete it and restart your computer. After the computer reboots, connect the USB cable and turn the camera on. Check the Ports in the Device Manager to make sure that "RICOH Camera Port" is there.

    • •If you do all of this and still cannot correct properly, please reinstall the USB driver.
    • •When you reinstall the USB driver, the old driver (if it remains) will be automatically uninstalled at the beginning of the installation of the new driver.

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