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File Name dc-7_336.hqx
Version V3.36 (displayed as "822" in LCD panel)

To check the version of your camera's firmware, press the two shutter buttons and the PIC button when turning the camera on. A three-digit number will momentarily appear in the LCD panel above the PIC button. (Numbers less than 822 indicate earlier firmware versions.)
File type BinHex4
Size 695KB
Copyright 2008 Ricoh Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Software RDC-7 firmware upgrade for Macintosh V3.36
Usage of the software This software is BinHex(.hqx) format file. Extract the file with StuffIt Expander or similar application. Double click the extracted file(.sea) again for self-extract.
About the software You can upgrade firmware of your RDC-7 by copying the downloaded file to a smartmedia card. The file posted here is for the PC running Mac OS.
Details of the upgrade
1. Support 128MB SmartMedia Memory Card
2. Adjust checking time of "Card Door open" status to avoid to shutdown by just touching on the card door.
Further information Please refer here for procedures of the upgrade.

Renewal Past Record

Date Version Details of the upgrade
28 Mar.,2001 V3.30(816)
1. Adjusted brightness of the recorded image taken using flash.
2. Modified the phenominon of shut down affected by noise.

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