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Caplio 500Gwide Firmware
Upgrade Procedure for Windows

The following instructions will guide you through the process of updating your camera's firmware.

1. Confirm the version of the camera's current firmware

  • Please check the version of the camera's current firmware before beginning this update.
    • 1.Turn off the camera and turn the mode dial to [Voice Memo] mode.
    • 2.While pressing both the down arrow button and the telephoto button, turn the power on.
    • 3.A table like the one below will be displayed on the monitor. If "V 1.00" (or a lower number) is displayed in the CPU2 field, you will need to update your camera's firmware to the most recent version.
CPU2: V 1.00

Note: This screen will be displayed for about 20 seconds. You will not be able to turn the power off or use any of the other functions during this time. Please wait until this display finishes, at which point the SETUP screen will be displayed.


2. Preparations

  • In order to complete this firmware update, you will need:
    • 1.The Caplio 500Gwide camera (set the [ORIGINAL] mode in the USB connection, not the [MASS STR] mode.)
    • 2.The AC-4d AC adapter or fully charged batteries
    • 3.An SD memory card to store the files on (this update cannot be performed using the camera's internal memory)
    • 4.A USB cable to connect between the 500Gwide and a computer.
    • 5.A computer that has a USB port. And the Caplio software for the 500Gwide installed in the computer.

After these preparations are complete, you are ready to update your camera's firmware.


3. Update procedure

    • 1.Exit RICOH Gate La, then connect the camera to the computer via the USB cable.
    • 2.Click on the FirmUpdate.exe file, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.

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