05 ISO

Anwendungsbeispiele ISO

Photo: Nao Nishitsuji ●GX200 ●ISO64 ●1/250sec ●F5.5 ●EV0.3

Soft, delicate, and detailed subjects look best when you drop the ISO to 64. In this image, the candy colors and the softness of the flowers really stand out.

Photo: Hideo Nunokawa ●R8 ●ISO200 ●1/330sec ●F4.5 ●EV0.0

Photo: Nao Nishitsuji ●R10 ●ISO400 ●1/270sec ●F4.8 ●EV0.0

One day I came across this cicada shell, dangling from an autumn maple like a summer memory. I used telephoto because the subject was pretty high up. Since I had to point my camera straight up to take the picture – and because shooting on the tele end can cause blurring due to hand movements – I set the ISO to 400 to make the shutter speed faster.

Fotodetails: Hideo Nunokawa ● R10 ● ISO400 ● 1/60 sec ● F4,4 ● EV 0,3

Weil beim Einsatz eines Blitzes das Bild oft flach wirkt, habe ich den ISO-Wert auf 400 angehoben und die Verschlusszeit verkürzt. Dadurch konnte ich eine scharfe Aufnahme machen, ohne zu verwackeln.

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