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My moment #3 : New worlds

Looking at the same grass and little creatures that I always see through a magnifying glass allowed me to see amazing unknown worlds. Photos so breathtakingly beautiful that I just have to add them to my collection.

Macro mode brings you closer, ever closer,
to allow you to take shots of distances as close as 1 cm away.

Using photo expression techniques such as background blurring, capture a beautiful world that goes unnoticed until it is magnified. Macro shooting will teach you new ways to enjoy photography. Getting as close as 1 cm for wide-angle and 28 cm for telephoto, you can enjoy shooting powerful images that are only possible with macro.

  • *31-mm equivalent for wide-angle and 300-mm equivalent for telephoto.

f=300 mm 1/16sec. F5.6 ISO100 EV+0.7 WB:AUTO

f=300 mm 1/16sec. F5.6 ISO100 EV+0.7 WB:AUTO

Minimum shooting distance display

Minimum shooting distance display

The minimum shooting distance, which changes depending on the zoom setting, can be checked on the monitor.

  • *Simulated image.

The camera automatically shifts the focus to take pictures
during high-speed continuous shooting. Multi-target AF

Multi-target AF does high-speed consecutive shooting of five images with different focal distances determined by the camera. It is effective for scenes (such as flowers) where there is a narrow range for a sharp focus. The camera automatically decides the five focus points and does the high-speed consecutive shooting of five images while shifting the focus to each point. After shooting, you can select the image with the preferred focus.


  • *Simulated image.
  • *The continuously shot still images are recorded together as a single MP file (a file format with multiple still images in a single file). With MP file images recorded by the CX5, a selected frame can be extracted and saved as an individual JPEG image within the camera.

AE/AF target shift functions provide support
for shooting creativity.

In both normal and macro shooting, the AE (exposure) and AF (focus) targets can be shifted alone or together to any position on the screen. This enables you to take the desired shot by changing focus and exposure settings without moving the camera, even if it is fixed to a tripod.

  • *Simulated image.
AE/AF target shift functions
AE/AF target shift functions

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