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CX5 Technology: Pure image quality born of our original philosophy and technology

RICOH Pure Image Quality Technology

"Moments of inspiration, just as I saw them."
Remember once-in-a-lifetime moments in images of the purest quality.

RICOH Pure Image Quality Technology

RICOH Pure Image Quality Technology

The imaging philosophy that lies at the root of all Ricoh digital cameras: not just "high image quality" but "pure image quality, true to what is perceived by the naked eye." This is achieved through three core technologies—a low-distortion lens with true-to-life imaging properties, an image sensor with superior high-sensitivity performance, and an imaging engine that reproduces images in minute detail—that have been designed and developed as a single mechanism, offering unsurpassed resolution and faithful, unaffected color reproduction.

Imaging processing performance that places a premium on pure image quality.
Back-illuminated CMOS sensor + Smooth Imaging Engine IV

f=28 mm 1/1070 sec. F3.5 ISO100 EV±0 WB: AUTO

The CX5 boasts a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor combined with advanced Smooth Imaging Engine IV image processing. Poorly-lit indoor or night scenes are rendered in pure, unblemished quality, as of course are brightly-lit subjects. An output pixel interpolation algorithm residing in dedicated logic circuits in the imaging engine reduces loss of detail in highlights to faithfully recreate high-contrast scenes exactly as they appear to the naked eye.

What is a back-illuminated CMOS sensor?

  • A back-illuminated CMOS sensor makes dark scenes bright and beautiful

    < Back-illuminated CMOS sensor > merits

    The back-illuminated CMOS sensor serves as the eye of the CX5. Using a revolutionary structure to more efficiently catch the light coming through the lens, this sensor greatly increases sensitivity while also reducing noise. In low-light situations such as night and indoor scenes, you will be able to shoot at an image quality level impossible until now.

    CMOS sensor

Super-resolution, set to Strong

The CX5's super-resolution technology discerns the outlines, details, and gradations in the image automatically and processes the photograph based on the optimal settings for each. This allows the camera to record images with even higher resolution than with previous models.

  • *The level of super-resolution can be set to OFF, Weak, or Strong.
Super-resolution OFF
Super-resolution, set to Strong
Super-resolution OFF
Super-resolution, set to Strong

Breathtakingly pure beauty with each shot.
Breakthrough noise reduction function

f=28 mm 1/52 sec. F3.5 ISO1600 EV-0.7 WB: Outdoors

The camera's noise reduction algorithm processes the image signal as it is output from the CMOS image sensor, reducing the image noise that tends to occur in photographs taken at high sensitivities. The result is beautiful, limpid photographs with details, tones, and colors as vivid as those seen in the original subject.

  • * The noise reduction level can be specified for the noise reduction function as Off, Auto, Weak, Strong, or MAX.
  • * The time to record an image varies depending on the noise reduction setting.

Strong in low light! CX5 noise reduction

  • * The noise reduction level can be specified for the noise reduction function as Off, Auto, Weak, Strong, or MAX. When MAX is specified, the CX5 does sophisticated variance-estimation type noise reduction processing in which the sensor image data's noise variance is analyzed and the optimum processing is done for each region.
    ISO1600 Noise reduction OFF
    ISO1600 Noise reduction MAX
    ISO1600 Noise reduction OFF
    ISO1600 Noise reduction MAX

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