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A new initiative linked to Flickr

So what is this new initiative? Photographs taken with a CX4 and uploaded to the photo sharing community site Flickr are extracted and displayed in a website gallery. “Photographers uploading images to Flickr are able to freely add tags (key words) to their photos. By presenting in the CX4 Image Gallery special site the images of photographers who added the tag ‘ricohCX4,’ we want to show people the kinds of photographs that are being taken with the CX4 by a wide range of users,” explained Takeuchi.

In the User’s Gallery of the CX4 Image Gallery special site, photos are arranged in the form of the words “catch your moment” and can be enlarged by clicking on the image. A click on “I like it” adds the image to your favorites and is also reflected in the ranking. The fact that many photos taken with the creative shooting modes (cross process, miniaturize, etc.) are seen in the high rankings shows the popularity of these new functions.

Submission campaign for store display photos

Shuhei Ono
“I thought that we could communicate
the appeal of the CX4 with user
photographs.” (Shuhei Ono)

“There is another new initiative that we are trying on the website,” added Shuhei Ono of the Personal Multimedia Company ICS Sales Office. This is the “My Best Photo Campaign!” Photographs taken by Ricoh users with a Ricoh digital camera are being displayed as sample photographs on camera sales shelves nationwide. Ono is focusing all his efforts on promoting in-store sales. “People interested in a camera almost always go to a store to actually hold it in hand. We came up with this program because we felt that we could communicate to those store customers the power of the CX4 by showing them wonderful photographs actually taken by CX4 users,” Ono explained.

“I was surprised when the response exceeded our expectations, with nearly 1,000 photographs being submitted by the first deadline,” said Ono. “I would like to continue this program because I believe that we can spread awareness of the appeal of the CX4 not only by using the website and catalog but also by using initiatives in which users themselves participate.” Ono is also very discriminating about the displays used on camera sales floors.

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