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A tool for putting the fun back into photography: Compact Digital Camera CX4

Communicating the Ricoh digital camera concept

Shigeki Takeuchi
“We are constantly striving to find good
ways to communicate the “Candid Photo”
concept of Ricoh digital cameras.
(Shigeki Takeuchi)

People who have seen the CX4 TV commercial currently being broadcast in Japan probably noticed the words “new angle, new day” at the upper left at the end. This is meant to express the Ricoh digital camera concept that “By just changing your angle of view, you make the world an infinitely interesting place.” According to Marketing specialist Shigeki Takeuchi, “This concept is presented in a TV commercial for the CX4, but it actually communicates something that is fundamental to all Ricoh digital cameras: the idea of the ‘Candid Photo’ that captures the photographer’s moment of inspiration in an image.” A member of the Personal Media Company Planning Office, Takeuchi is one of the Marketing Group staff people working to raise the level of recognition of Ricoh digital cameras as a whole, including, of course, the CX4.

Actor Osamu Mukai’s words “Change your angle and see a new you” and “Change your angle and see a new story” are meant to directly communicate the “new angle, new day” concept. “During this fiscal year, we have been working harder than ever on activities to make many more people aware of Ricoh digital cameras. It does seem to me that awareness of the appeal of Ricoh digital cameras is spreading, partly thanks to the power of the TV commercial,” said Takeuchi.

View CX4 TV commercial on the Web.

The challenge of communicating product appeal via the catalog and the Web

“Our emphasis is on communicating digital camera appeal through the photographs themselves. With this in mind, we created the ‘new angle, new day’ special site,” said Takeuchi. In addition to showing the TV commercial, this site has a wide range of other content, such as the “Finding my own angle” page presenting moments caught by creative people from various fields.

Special site ”new angle, new day”

CX4 catalog
CX4 catalog download

The CX4 catalog includes the catch phrase: “Catch My Moment?Walk with me. Inspire me.” To communicate the appeal of the CX4 through images, the text is accompanied by many photos capturing such moments of inspiration. Takeuchi emphasized that “All those photographs were actually taken with a CX4.” This may seem only natural, but this level of insistence on the use of the actual product itself is almost unprecedented. “We really wracked our brains for ways to best communicate the appeal of the CX4 in the limited number of pages available. We wanted to create a catalog that would be useful both to people who download the pdf version for careful reading after viewing product information on the webpage and to people who try out the CX4 at a store and then take the catalog home for further consideration,” said Takeuchi.

New initiatives are being tried on the webpage, with special focus on communicating the appeal of the product by using the actual photographs.

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