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Expanding the fun of expressing yourself

The new creative shooting modes provided by the CX4 include “cross process,” “soft focus,” and “toy camera.” Together with the popular “miniaturize” and “high-contrast B&W” modes inherited from the CX3, these modes expand the fun of expressing yourself.

creative shooting modes

“These are all creative techniques developed using photographic equipment and darkroom work from the realm of film cameras. Dedicated long-time camera users may well have tried them. On the CX4, these image-creation techniques are recreated within the camera using digital processing,” said Arai. For people just starting to explore the possibilities of photography, they offer new and fresh means of expression.

The process up to the point when the photo is taken is important

“With past digital cameras it has, of course, been possible to create these kinds of effects using software after the images are loaded onto a personal computer. However, for people who enjoy thinking about such questions as ‘How should I frame it?’ and “How can I express what I want to express?’ when they point the camera at the subject in the period up until the shutter-release button is pushed, I think it is important that these functions can be selected when the photo is being taken,” Arai explained concerning the reason for creation of the creative shooting modes. “The moment in which the photographer faces the subject and pushes the shutter-release button represents a once-in-a-lifetime encounter,” he continued, adding “I also think that these techniques for distinctively different photo expression will serve to deepen the enjoyment of taking pictures with a digital camera.”

In enabling people to enjoy taking pictures, improving camera functions is not the only task involved. It is also important to have a design that people like and will use for a long period.

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