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Person? Landscape? Close-up? The CX4 will decide.
Scene auto mode (S-AUTO)

By just pointing the camera, "scene auto mode" will switch to the optimum shooting settings. The camera identifies the type of scene being photographed (portrait, sports, night portrait, landscape, nightscape, macro mode, etc.) and automatically switches to the optimum shooting settings. As a result, you enjoy quick and easy photography fine tuned to the specific scene.


NightscapeNight portrait
Macro Mode
Macro ModeMacro Mode

Night portrait
Night portraitNightscape

Scene modes give you easy access to whole suites of photographic techniques specifically adapted to your subject. The CX4 features a new ”Night landscape multi-shot” mode for photographing night scenes. Choose from a total of 11 scenes, including the ever-popular “Pets” mode.

Night landscape multi-shot NEW!

The CX4 creates clear, beautiful photos of night scenes by automatically and precisely combining a series of exposures shot at high sensitivities to reduce the blur and noise normally associated with pictures taken under low light, allowing photographers to taste the joys of hand-held, tripod-free night photography.
Night landscape multi-shot
The image stabilization technology utilized in the Night landscape multi-shot is PhotoSolid®,
a product of Morpho, Inc. PhotoSolid® is registered trademark of Morpho, Inc.


The flash, AF auxiliary light, and beep speaker turn off to avoid frightening animal subjects, allowing you to capture the expression of your favorite pet without being unkind. If a cat’s face is detected, the camera will adjust focus for the animal’s face.

  • *Not guaranteed to work in all photographic conditions.



Subject faces are automatically detected and focus, exposure, and white balance adjusted.


Flash, AF auxiliary light, and operation sounds are turned off regardless of the settings. This is convenient when shooting in museums and other public buildings.


Night portrait

Use when taking portrait pictures against a nightscape.



Use when taking pictures of moving people/objects.



Use when taking scenery pictures.


Zoom macro

Automatically optimizes the zoom position to shoot the subject larger than with normal macro shooting.


Skew correction

Use to straighten a rectangular object (message board, business card, etc.) shot at an angle to make it look as if it were shot squarely.


High sensitivity

Use when taking pictures in dimly lit places. The picture display also becomes brighter.



Use when shooting images with text, such as notes written on a white board in a meeting. Images are recorded in black and white.


Support for shooting creativity.
AE/AF target shift functions

In both normal and macro shooting, the AE (exposure) and AF (focus) targets can be shifted alone or together to any position on the screen. This enables you to take the desired shot by changing focus and exposure settings without moving the camera, even if it is fixed to a tripod.

AE/AF target shift functions
*Simulated image
→ AE/AF target shift functions  

Natural colors for both subject and background.
Multi-pattern auto white balance

It can be difficult to define a white balance for scenes mixing different light sources, such as when shooting indoors with flash or when shooting scenes with both sunlight and shadow. Multi-pattern auto white balance sets the white balance to fit the light source of each segregated area, thereby surpassing the past method (an average setting for the entire image) to reproduce color tones closer to those seen by the eye.

WB:AUTO Optimum WB for background. Subject has bluish tint.
WB:AUTO Optimum WB for background. Subject has bluish tint.
→ WB: Multi-pattern AUTO Optimum WB for both subject and background.
WB: Multi-pattern AUTO Optimum WB for both subject and background.

Quick and accurate camera leveling.
Electronic level

Using the level sound and the level indicator shown on the picture display, you can confirm that the image is level. This is convenient when shooting landscapes, buildings, and other subjects where tilting can be a problem.

With leveling
With leveling
Without leveling
Without leveling

Up to 20 image files can be flagged.
Image flag function

The image flag function enables quick display of up to 20 image files from among those in the camera. Flagged images can be promptly displayed by pressing the Fn (function) button so it is very easy and convenient to flag maps and timetable images for later reference and flag favorite photos for showing other people.

Image flag function

  • *Simulated image

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