Ease: High image quality easily matched to the scene

There are shots that only an "always ready" CX3 can take.

By just pointing the camera, "scene auto mode" will switch to the optimum shooting settings. The camera identifies the type of scene being photographed (portrait, sports, night portrait, landscape, nightscape, macro mode, etc.) and automatically switches to the optimum shooting settings. As a result, you enjoy quick and easy photography fine tuned to the specific scene.

Portrait Landscape
Portrait Portrait Landscape Landscape
Macro Nightscape
Macro Macro Mode Nightscape Nightscape
Night portrait Night portrait Sports Sports

Easy-to-use scene modes provide shooting techniques to match the scene. The CX3 adds a "pets" mode convenient for shooting your beloved cat. You can select from a total of 13 scene modes, including the popular "miniaturize" and "high-contrast B&W" modes.





The new "pets mode" turns off the flash, AF auxiliary light, and operation sounds to avoid startling the pet. You can easily capture the antics of your cute pet. This mode also optimizes the focus for a cat's face when one is detected.

  • *Not guaranteed to work in all photographic conditions.
  Blurring the top and bottom areas of the image makes it possible to photograph actual scenes but record images that recreate the impression given when photographing miniatures. This mode is effective when shooting from a high vantage point while looking down at a diagonal.
scene modes/pets   scene modes/Miniaturize

High-contrast B&W





Intensifying contrast to a level higher than normal black & white mode makes it possible to record images with a grainy feel such as that created by using ultra-high-sensitivity film in a film camera or by push processing film at the development stage.   Subject faces are automatically detected and focus, exposure, and white balance adjusted.   Flash, AF auxiliary light, and operation sounds are turned off regardless of the settings. This is convenient when shooting in museums and other public buildings.  



Night portrait



Use when shooting night scenes.   Use when taking portrait pictures against a nightscape.   Use when taking scenery pictures.  



High sensitivity

Zoom macro

Use when taking pictures of moving people/objects.   Use when taking pictures in dimly lit places. The picture display also becomes brighter.   Automatically optimizes the zoom position to shoot the subject larger than with normal macro shooting.  

Skew correction



Use to straighten a rectangular object (message board, business card, etc.) shot at an angle to make it look as if it were shot squarely.   Use when shooting images with text, such as notes written on a white board in a meeting. Images are recorded in black and white.      

Corrects for even slight hand-motion blur.
Image sensor shift image stabilizer

The image sensor shift image stabilizer function reduces the hand-motion blurring that tends to occur in situations such as telephoto and macro shooting. When blurring is detected, the CMOS sensor automatically compensates by shifting in a direction that eliminates the blur.

  • *Not guaranteed to work in all photographic conditions.

Image stabilizer off
Image stabilizer off


Image stabilizer on!
Image stabilizer on!

Quick and accurate camera leveling.
Electronic level

Using the level sound and the level indicator shown on the picture display, you can confirm that the image is level. This is convenient when shooting landscapes, buildings, and other subjects where tilting can be a problem.

With leveling
With leveling

Without leveling
Without leveling

Sharp focus, whether the subject is still or on the move.
Diverse AF (auto focus) functions

The new "face priority AF" function has been added. With the CX3's auto focus capabilities for quick, precise focusing geared to the subject and your shooting intentions, you won't miss that fleeting shutter chance.

Face-Priority AF

Face-Priority AF NEW!

If faces are detected* while photographing people, priority is given to focusing on the faces. At the same time, exposure and white balance are also optimized for the faces so you will not miss the most appealing expressions of your subjects.

  • *The faces of up to eight people can be detected.
  • *Not guaranteed to work in all photographic conditions.

Multi-target AF

Multi-target AF does high-speed consecutive shooting of five images with different focal distances determined by the camera. It is effective for scenes (such as flowers) where there is a narrow range for a sharp focus. The camera automatically decides the five focus points and does the high-speed consecutive shooting of five images while shifting the focus to each point. After shooting, you can select the image with the preferred focus.

  • *Simulated image.
  • *The continuously shot still images are recorded together as a single MP file (a file format with multiple still images in a single file). With MP file images recorded by the CX3, a selected frame can be extracted and saved as an individual JPEG image within the camera.

Continuous AF

If subject movement is detected while the shutter release button is half-pressed, the camera automatically adjusts the focus to match subject movement. This is effective for scenes where focusing was difficult in the past, such as macro shooting of flowers swaying in the breeze.


The camera detects the optimum focus position by shifting the focus to follow subject movement even when the shutter release button is not half-pressed. Since the AF operates to match subject movement, it is possible to shoot quickly when the shutter release button is pressed.

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