Beauty: A new generation of high-sensitivity and low-noise performance

Discover the profound beauty of delicate shades of light.

The CX3 uses the noise reduction algorithm introduced on the GR DIGITAL III. Performing noise reduction processing on the signal immediately after it is output by the back-illuminated CMOS sensor makes it possible to effectively reduce the noise that tends to occur in images shot at high-sensitivity settings. Fine details, smooth tonality, and vibrant colors are faithfully reproduced in clear, beautiful pictures. As a result, compared to past models, there has been a remarkable increase in image quality performance when shooting low-light scenes.

  • *The time to record an image varies depending on the noise reduction setting.

Noise reduction function
f=43mm 1/64sec F4.2 ISO1600 EV±0 WB : Multi-pattern AUTO

Strong in low light! CX3 noise reduction

With the CX3 noise reduction function, the noise reduction level can be specified as Off, Auto, Weak, Strong, or MAX. When MAX is specified, the CX3 does sophisticated variance-estimation type noise reduction processing in which the sensor image data's noise variance is analyzed and the optimum processing is done for each region.

ISO 1600 Noise reduction MAX
The noise reduction function reduces noise while preserving resolution!

ISO 1600 Noise reduction OFF
High-sensitivity shooting can produce noise that gives a grainy feel.

By combining the advanced image processing engine Smooth Imaging Engine IV with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor capable of capturing bright images in low light, the CX3 achieves greater picture quality when shooting dark indoor scenes and night scenes. In addition, on a customized circuit of the image processing engine, there is a pixel output interpolation algorithm which reduces whiteout even in high-contrast scenes, thereby reproducing the beauty actually there. With the CX3's advanced shooting functions, you can capture in the photograph the same excitement seen with your eyes.

Back-illuminated CMOS sensor + Smooth Imaging Engine IV
f=28mm 1/217sec F3.5 ISO100 EV±0 WB : Multi-pattern AUTO

What is a back-illuminated CMOS sensor?

Making dark scenes brighter and more beautiful: The new back-illuminated CMOS sensor

The back-illuminated CMOS sensor serves as the eye of the CX3. Using a revolutionary structure to more efficiently catch the light coming through the lens, this sensor greatly increases sensitivity while also reducing noise. In low-light situations such as night and indoor scenes, you will be able to shoot at an image quality level impossible until now.

<Back-illuminated CMOS sensor> merits

Conventional CMOS Sensor(Front illuminated)/New CMOS Sensor(Back illuminated)

Overexposure and underexposure are suppressed by shooting, consecutively at high speed, two still images with different exposures, and then recording an image that combines the properly exposed portions of each. This is very effective in scenes that contain large differences in brightness. You can easily enjoy up to a maximum equivalent to 12 EV of dynamic range expansion by selecting from among the five settings: AUTO and four levels ranging from "Very Weak" to "Strong." On the CX3 it is also now possible to specify detailed settings for dynamic range expansion effects by choosing the tone range to be given priority using the following options: "Highlights," "Shadows," and "Off" (no priority). This makes it possible to faithfully record the beauty you felt the instant the photo was taken.

Normal shooting
Normal shooting

Dynamic range double shot mode
Dynamic range double shot mode

Natural colors for both subject and background.
Multi-pattern auto white balance

It can be difficult to define a white balance for scenes mixing different light sources, such as when shooting indoors with flash or when shooting scenes with both sunlight and shadow. Multi-pattern auto white balance sets the white balance to fit the light source of each segregated area, thereby surpassing the past method (an average setting for the entire image) to reproduce color tones closer to those seen by the eye.

WB:AUTO Optimum WB for background. Subject has bluish tint.
WB:AUTO Optimum WB for
background. Subject has bluish tint.

WB: Multi-pattern AUTO Optimum WB for both subject and background.
WB: Multi-pattern AUTO Optimum WB for both subject
and background.

CX3 high image quality extends to movies as well as still photographs. It can shoot 1280 × 720 pixel high-resolution HD movies at 30 frames per second. This brings new possibilities for movie enjoyment, such as viewing your CX3 movies on a large-screen TV.

  • *When shooting movies of 1280×720 size, the use of an SD/SDHC memory card with an SD speed class of Class 6 or higher is recommended.

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