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Shoot seven images with different focal distances

Akihiro Yoshida
"This is a fascinating function that
can help you create your own
'works of art.'" (Akihiro Yoshida)

"There is a basic series of camera functions—when the shutter release button is pushed half way, the camera measures and adjusts distance, color, and brightness settings; after the shutter is triggered, the camera reads in and processes the image and displays it on the LCD screen—and the CX1 has drastically improved the performance of those functions," said Akihiro Yoshida, who worked on the development of the camera's electrical components. "One of the improvements achieved was acceleration of the processing involved in shooting the image."

The new "multi-target AF" function does high-speed consecutive shooting while measuring distance to the subject and shifting the focus point. "At shooting time, the camera automatically decides seven focus points and consecutively shoots seven images at high speed," Yoshida explained. For example, if various objects in the image are located at distances from close by to far away, by using "multi-target AF," with one push of the shutter release button you can shoot multiple images with the focus shifted to each object.

Multi-target AF

"In the past, it was necessary to first decide which subject to focus on and then properly use the camera's focusing capabilities to align the focus to the selected subject. Now however, 'multi-target AF' allows you to go ahead and shoot seven images without deciding on a focus point, and then choose the best shot while checking the images in playback. This all takes place with one button push so you are less likely to miss a shutter chance. Using this function in telephoto and macro shooting can produce some very intriguing images," said Yoshida.

There was a lengthy trial-and-error process involved in finally settling on the use of "seven focal distances." "In the effort to make this an easy-to-use function, initially we had to grapple with issues such as which focal distances to use, what range of focal distances to use, and how many images to shoot," said Yoshida. For example, providing 100 images with the focus at different points would have the definite downside of making it very hard for the photographer to choose. "In deciding the specs, we asked various people to try using the function."

Expanding the range of expression: CX1
Expanding the range of expression: CX1

Whether you are looking to create a "photographic record" or a "work of art"...

"The CX1 has many more functions that greatly expand the photographer's range of expression. The mechanics, software, and electrical-component development staff worked together in a unified effort with the planning and sales promotion staff to bring the functions into existence," Ito said. With its high image quality and ability to capture the decisive moment, the CX1 is certain to become a "tool of choice for photographic expression."

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