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Full model change inside the CX1

Seikon Seki
"We created the board configuration
and circuit design so as to make the
best use of the special
characteristics of the CMOS image
sensor." (Seikon Seki)

"Since the CX1 newly incorporated a CMOS image sensor, which has high-speed image data output capabilities, we had to redesign its digital camera system, including not only the image processing engine, but also the circuit configuration and software," said Seikon Seki, a theme leader in the electric department. "So as not to impair the CMOS image sensor's high-speed transmission performance, we carried out a wide range of optimization covering such things as track impedance control, component layout, and a noise-suppressing circuit board configuration."

In the development, the first thing done was to make a somewhat large function-testing circuit board with the functions installed. Of course, a lens was also mounted so it was possible to shoot photographs using the function-testing circuit board. "Next, once the image processing engine, software, and circuit operations were stabilized, we implemented everything on a small circuit board for camera installation," Seki explained.

"In the early stages of image evaluation, we took the large board outside for shooting to see what kind of images we would get. We probably looked pretty strange so people who saw us shooting with the big board must have wondered what we were doing," said Seki. He also mentioned that when they finally moved to the small circuit board, they also had to battle size-related phenomena such as magnetic-induction noise generated due to component and wiring proximity.

Achieving a satisfying image

"I am satisfied that we were able to create a camera that makes good use of CMOS image sensor features, and we were able to put into practice the concept of 'expanding the range of expression,'" said Seki.

Yamada added, "During the development, it was exciting for me to ask myself, 'What kind of camera is this actually going to end up being?' Once I had the CX1 actually in my hands, I could only think, 'We did it!'"

"As we proceeded with the laborious work of determining parameters one after another, I came to feel like a 'craftsman,'" said Kanehiro. There is an exhilarating feeling the moment you create the image that you wanted to create. The place where you can find the technology and functions created by these craftsmen is the CX1. Next time we will take a further look at the camera's "extensive functions."

The CX1 comes in three colors: Black, Silver, and Champagne Rose
The CX1 comes in three colors: Black, Silver, and Champagne Rose


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