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Functions for creating "the image the mind imagines"

A camera achieving such a major "advance" deserved a new model name. As Takeuchi put it, "The CX1 represents an advance that is hard to get across just by explaining functions so we agonized over how best to communicate its attractions to users." The expansion of dynamic range is just one of those attractions.

High-speed processing with an advanced image processing engine

"The use of the more advanced image processing engine "Smooth Imaging Engine IV" on the CX1 made it possible to make maximum use of the capabilities of the CMOS sensor," said Higuchi. The CX1's defining characteristics include not only its ability to vividly capture the moment, but also the sharp feel of its images and the way it sustains high image quality even when doing continuous shooting.

Superior continuous shooting functions

"The number of pixels on digital cameras has increased rapidly, but growth in the data volume of each image has increased the time needed to record the data during continuous shooting. As a result, in recent years continuous shooting has only been possible for a relatively small number of small images. We were determined to change that," explained Higuchi. Continuous shooting functions can be a great help in capturing certain types of scenes, such as insects launching themselves into the air and children playing or running in school sports activities. With the aim of pursuing high resolution even in continuous shooting, the CX1 can shoot maximum-pixel images continuously at 4 frames per second until the SD card is full or until 999 images have been taken. In addition, an extensive range of other functions has been added, such as M continuous shooting plus, which saves the images taken before you remove your finger from the shutter release button.

Advanced high-speed continuous shooting

Some of the CX1's other major functions

Wide range of new functions to expand range of expression

With these functions you can capture the scene as you imagine it.

Feutures Functions

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